Laser Cutting Services


If you have a need to custom laser cutting for a project  that your working on  email me with what your needs are and a description or drawing and what you need and the type of material you need it etched or cut from. 

​​I can etch and cut Basswood ( up to 1/8" ), Balsa wood (up to 1/4" ),  Acrylic (cut up to 1/4"),  Birch Plywood  (cut up to 1/8" ), Styrene  (cut up to 1/8" ) and Card Stock in thickness up to 1/8" , also can etch into Leather.

If you have some other material in mind  let me know and I will tell you weather I can cut it.  Some items that I have already custom cut are shown below.   See my Projects page for some of the products I make.

​​feel free to contact me Dan Stuettgen at and I will try and reply to you in a very timely manor.
F scale windows cut from 1/32" thick Birch Plywood
F scale windows cut from 1/32: thick Birch Plywood and .05mm Acetate
Reverse etched and cut out of 1/4" Acrylic  Approx size 10"x 10"
Reverse etched and cut from 1/8" Acrylic  Aprox size  6" x 6"
Front Etched into 1/8" thick Birch Plywood.  Approx  size 6" x 6"
Front Etched into 1/8" thick Birch Plywood.  Approx  size  6" dia.
Cut and Etched from 1/8" thick Birch Plywood.  Approx  6" x 6"
Reveresed Etched and painted into 1/8" thick Acrylic mounted to 5/8 Ceder.  Approx  5" x 5"
Reveresed Etched and cut from 1/4" Acrylic edge light mounted to  Ceder base .  Approx size 8" x 8"
Etched and cut from 3/32" basswood
End part for Fn3 J&S Passenger Car​
Etched and cut from 1mm thick Styrene for Fn3 J&S Passenger Car end
Etched Leather Coaster  approx 3" dia  x 1/8" thick.   Can do any road name or your custom  railroad name.
Window frames cut for .05mm styrene for Fn3 J&S Passenger car end door
        Assembled end door for
​         Fn3 J&S passenger car
​cut from  5 layers of .05mm styrene