1:20.3 scale D&RGW Coal Shed
1:20.3 scale D&RGW Coal Shed laser cut out of Wood.
kit designed by Dan Stuettgen

This model is of the D&RGW  standard coal shed design that was used all over the D&RGW system.  Three of these shed have survived  and loacted at Cumbres Pass, Chama Yard and Antonito 

Materials used:

3/32" thick lasercut Basswood 

I have always liked the Cumbres Pass track layout after I had seen it in person many years ago on one of my trips with fellow Narrow gauge modelers and have wanted to incorporate it into a layout.  Now that I am building a 1:20.3 (Fn3) railroad I thought this is the perfect time to do Cumbres pass. 

Since I wanted to build all of Cumbres Pass I  knew that I also had to build the coal shed and thought that it would make a nice kit in 1:20.3 scale.  I spent a number of hours at the pass measuring and photographing the coal shed back in 2015 which I used for reference in designing this kit and making the cad drawings for the laser cutter.

Its a fairly simple kit to assemble and I have tried to make it so that anyone with even a limited amount of wood kit building experience could assemble it  However I have a set of instructions and have been refining to make it even easier to build the kit and make a nice model.

All parts are laser cut from 3/32" thick bass wood with reference lines etched into the pieces to show were other parts are to be attached.
I recommend using either white glue or carpenters glue to assemble it and applying it sparingly ​​​with a tooth pick.

Included in the kit are working brass hinges and a small bag of real coal for detailing.

I used a small piece of Styrofoam cut to fit inside the shed and carved to represent a pile of coal and then painted it black and then applied a layer of glue to it and pouring the coal over the top and let it dry.  After it had dried i dumped the excess coal off and looked for areas that needed to be touched up and then reapplied  glue in those areas and put more coal on it till it had dried and then slipped the coal mound down inside the shed.​​​​

The roofing material included in the kit is a textured green construction paper that closely resembles the roofing material on the prototype.  use may use it or use the material that you prefer to use. I used some adhesive backed sand paper to the roofing material on the prototype model though the original color was a green color I chose to use black.  Use what ever material works for you to  cover the roof.  You  might want to cover it with wood shingles or metal or tar paper.  I have seen all three material used on shed of this type on the D&RGW system.

Kit  is $55.00 plus $15.00 shipping and handling.

Payment can be made through paypal.

danshouston@gmail.com is the paypal email address to send payment to.

These kits are cut to order , so please allow a day or two to cut prior to shipping.​​​​​​​​



Photos by Dan Stuettgen​​
This is the place that I purchase the coal from.  Its used for sand blasting and actually coal slag and comes in 4 different sizes.  If your not in texas and in one of these areas and if they dont ship.  Check with one of your local sand blasting suppliers to see if they carry it.
These are the two sizes I purchased, Med and fine the fine was the more expensive one and these are 50 lb bags